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Tinder Similar Apps Clone Is All You Need For Online Dating Business

It is evident that social media apps are creating a huge buzz among all internet users. On every aspect starting from knowing the recent trends, fashions to news social media apps are unconventionally best. Started as a user connecting medium and sharing thoughts and information, now it has become a part of media for sharing anything. Social media apps are efficient in user connectivity and personal & social information sharing, but it lacks on end solution on user connectivity with perfect matches.

And that is being effectively done by online dating apps. Dating apps provide its users with an end solution on the search for their perfect match, irrespective of their location.

Tinder- The first online dating app

It takes a huge heart to try something new beyond others imagination, one such was the Tinder app, a location-based online dating app released in 2012. Tinder app changed the magnitude of dating and made it more easy and funny. In fact, 60% of American adults agree that datings apps are the good way to meet people and slightly higher 66 percent of those adults said they have on a real date with someone they met through the application.

The pros of dating apps were,

When users get rejected on a request to their lovable ones they don’t need to feel as that’s the end. It provides the pool of options on the next window for the users to get a move on.

As said earlier Tinder introduced themselves with the tagline of a location-based online dating app. So dating apps also had the feature for users to mark their boundaries for their preferable match searching.

With the easy profile setup on user preferred way, it easily narrows down the options according to the user preferences and interests.

Once users hit like on each others profile, then there is a match, and there it enables them to instantly chat and know about each other.

So dating apps have made the world look small with its efficient user connectivity.

First-hand features of Tinder

When Tinder app came into use it had the noteworthy features like,

Swipe- It is certainly a masterstroke instead of hitting likes and dislike for a user profile with a thumbs up or down respectively, it came up with something different with right and left swipes for likes and dislikes respectively.

Instagram integrations- For a user to better know about the other user it came up with Instagram integration to let users access others profiles.

Common Connections- It enables users to know about mutual friends on the social network for their matched profile.

Strategically to attract more users, initially, Tinder was free on all services and later on, in the year 2016, they introduced Tinder plus for monetization.

Tinder plus- Premium version of the Tinder app, where the subscribed users will get unlimited options to find their preferred match.

Down the lane from 2012 to 2018, now Tinder has turned into a billion-dollar business, processing billions of each day and suggesting users with millions of matches. Tinder has set a benchmark for others to follow on this business. Considering the current life dynamics effective datings apps like Tinder is the way to go when anyone is interested in meeting new people and finding a soulmate.

Tinder similar apps clone

Tinder has become the conversation topic among many and has set the standard for the industry to copy, so entrepreneurs with the ideas for online dating business is preferring tinder clone app for their business.

Appkodes’s dating app clone

Ideal clone of tinder app is readily available with Appkodes. Howzu is that perfect dating script by Appkodes, Which has got all features as same as the Tinder app. It has got many advanced features on it UI and can also be easily customized according to the needs.

Monetization with Howzu- Howzu can generate the revenue through the Premium account subscriptions (as on Tinder plus) and additionally through the Ad banners.

So avail Howzu to instantly view your online dating business live on native ios and Android apps.

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