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Own a High User Garnering Online Business With Dating App Script

Dating apps are garnering the huge user base among all other prevailing apps for online business. If you could provide your online community with an attractive website to find their best match from unlimited options, then surely they won’t miss that opportunity to pounce on it. Sow your seeds of ideas (online dating business) into the soil (dating app script- Howzu) of appkodes, we help you help you easy penetrate and grow taller in the industry of online dating business.

Features on Howzu

Dating apps are preferred by all age users all around the world. The main reason it attracts all age users is, it is best connecting them with likely minded peoples irrespective of their time and place.

  • Location-based search

·This feature of Howzu can help your users to search for their preferred users on an app based on the location.

  • Social login/personalised partner preference

·This feature of Howzu can help your users to easily login on to your app just using their social media account.

·Once logged in, every user can set his/her preference for a partner to get suggestion some good list of suggestions on the website.

  • Unlimited swipes to find right matches

·This is the centralized feature of a dating app, every user on it can swipe unlimitedly to find their best match.

·There is also another feature for restoring the previous swipes with ban/rewind the last swipe.

Howzu has got a best UI, with features like

  • Instant chat with images/ audio and video chat

·Howzu not just connects the matching swiped users, also it helps its users to share their valuable moments with an instant image, audio/video share and chat over video/audio.

  • Protects privacy

·Chat window of Howzu is a developed on a self-destructing basis, so a user can easily delete an entire chat window and its history from his profile.

·A user also has the option of the unfriend/block another user on his profile.

  • Fun filled chat with easy keyboard emoji/emoticons

·The virtual keyboard on Howzu has a keyboard emojis and emoticons for fun and easy share of your intents.

All above-mentioned features are present by default on Howzu’s web, native ios, and Android app. Also, it has the option of customization to best remodel the app based on your preference for business.

Revenue generation features on Howzu

  • Premium Account subscription

You can restrict access for unlimited options only for the premium account subscribed users and make your basic account users sign up for a premium account and generate huge revenue from that.

  • Ad banners

With Integrated Google Adsense on Howzu, you can generate revenue by letting your users promote of any of their products on the Ad banners for a specific period of time, at a particular cost.

Final thoughts

Your ideas for online dating business, if combined with dating app script-  Howzu from Appkodes, then your brand can become the best trendsetter in your community of online users. Howzu can best fit all your needs, so avail it now to instantly start your online dating business.


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